Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem    

Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem is an interdisciplinary artist, Torah scribe, curator and educator. Shoshana is occupied with questions about power and gender that exist in the spaces of Judaism and patriarchy, ritual and feminism, the sacred and the mundane. Through the lens of erasure and the question “What if?” Shoshana reinvents traditional practices, primarily, but not solely, Jewish ones, and reinserts them, with new forms, into familiar contexts.   Influenced by her studies in and work as an educator, Shoshana addresses ways of schooling and un-schooling and engages institutional critique as a way to imagine new possibilities, often through publicly generated solutions. Some subjects of her artistic research include the Jewish female body, branding and logos, citizenship, animal welfare, silence, loss, and death and dying.  

Shoshana was one of the first women in modern times to train and practice as a Torah scribe. Her scribal work inspired her international collaboration, Women of the Book, launched with the Jerusalem Biennale 2015, and is informing her current work on high animal welfare parchment manufacturing.  While much of Shoshana’s practice takes place outside of the studio, when in the studio she engages in printmaking methods, mixed media, fiber arts, book arts, mosaics and more. Shoshana lived for 20 years in Israel where the heart of her activism was shaped by her efforts to advance women’s and Palestinian rights. Today she resides with her family in Portland, OR where she is an MFA candidate in Contemporary Art Practice at Portland State University. Beginning in the Fall of the 2019 she will be the self appointed Chief Curator and Artistic Director of The Gugenheim Portland situated in her family residence in the NE Portland Hollywood neighborhood.

Shoshana's work has been supported by the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Targum Shlishi, The Hadassah Brandeis Institute,  The Eugene and Estelle Ferkauf Foundation, The Eicholz Foundation,  The Simon Benson Foundation, The Gottesman Foundation, the Zachs Family Foundation and many other private donors and institutions.  

Shoshana’s project, Women of the Book, was recently acquired as a Limited Edition Boxed Set by the Yale University Arts Library Collection.   |   CV