EMET | אמת


"A golem looks and acts like a human and has many of the features of the humans, including the ability to understand and think.  What separates a golem from you and me is that it comes into being only through purely artificial means”, most famously, through the inscription of the word  אמת (emet / truth) on the creature’s forehead. (Alan Morinis, Everyday Holiness.)

According to one legend, a golem was created by Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel to protect the Jewish people and to be a force of benevolence.  The golem succeeds with this charge. However, as he grows stronger, he wields power and recklessness, becoming a monster untethered to the people he was created to serve. This golem, it is told, was nullified by Rabbi Loew when the first letter of the Hebrew word אמת was erased, leaving מת (met /death) inscribed on his forehead.

Now showing at the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery

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